Lifting Belts and Round Slings

Whatever loads you want to lift – our wide range offers the matching equipment for your project.

Select from our range of lifting belts and round slings, if you want to lift loads with especially slippery or sensitive surface, such as rolls, shafts, pre-fabricated parts or lacquered objects. Natural fiber ropes and chemical fiber ropes are very suitable for loads with sensitive surfaces and for relatively light loads, such as tubes, heating or ventilation parts. Do not use lifting belts or round slings for sharp-edged and hot loads. For such loads go to your product category of sling chains.

Popular lifting belts and round slings from our
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Many customers rely on the following products from our range of lifting belts and round slings.

Working Load Limit of lifting belts and round slings

Each of our lifting belts and round slings is equipped with a working load tag which contains all relevant data –– including on the material, the manufacturer, the applicable standard and the date of the next inspection. The working load tag also contains notes on how to use the lifting belts and round slings, which include the slinging methods, the inclination angle range, the effective length and the working load limit (WLL).

To support our customers, we offer the Brugg Lifting App which enables to quickly and easily calculate the slinging equipment and the associated WLL. Read more.

FAQ . Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery period for the goods ordered by me?

BRUGG LIFTING ships goods quickly and reliability to your address in 2-10 working days.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping and packaging costs amount to CHF 15.00.

Are all products on stock?

Most of the products that can be ordered are also available on stock.

Which payment methods do you offer?

The BRUGG LIFTING Online Shop only allows you to buy on account.

Do you offer customer discounts?

Customer discounts are deducted in the order processing.

What means “PVS READY”?

PVS READY products are equipped with a NFC tag, which you can administer using our free PVS software.

What to do in case of questions?

Contact BRUGG LIFTING by email to or call us under +41 56 464 42 42