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Load Securing

Whatever loads you want to secure – our wide range offers the matching products for securing your loads.

Within a transport chain, dispatcher, vehicle owner and driver each have a clearly defined responsibility, including the safe loading and unloading as well as the proper securing of the load against dislocation, toppling over and losing, for different means of transport. For instance, the different inertial forces of the loads during transport on vessels, trains and trucks must be considered when securing the loads.

Popular load securing equipment from our
BRUGG Lifting Online Shop.

Many customers rely on the following products from our range of load securing equipment.

Recommendations on load securing

Non-homogenous loads like bar stock, boards and the like must be initially clamped securely in themselves. The number of required lashings is computed in accordance with EN 12195, where the standard tension force STF is 50% at the side opposite to the clamping device. At least two traverses are required for free-standing homogeneous loads. This only applies to stable, i.e. non-tipping goods. Loading area and load must not be oily, greasy, icy or strongly soiled!

To support the load securing operations, the Brugg Lashing App provides the facility to quickly and easily calculate both the minimum number of lashings required for top-over lashing and the maximum lashing capacity (LC) for diagonal lashing. Read more.

FAQ . Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery period for the goods ordered by me?

BRUGG LIFTING ships goods quickly and reliability to your address in 2-10 working days.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping and packaging costs amount to CHF 15.00.

Are all products on stock?

Most of the products that can be ordered are also available on stock.

Which payment methods do you offer?

The BRUGG LIFTING Online Shop only allows you to buy on account.

Do you offer customer discounts?

Customer discounts are deducted in the order processing.

What means “PVS READY”?

PVS READY products are equipped with a NFC tag, which you can administer using our free PVS software.

What to do in case of questions?

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